Pine House Bakery - Crystal Mall

Pine House Bakery is located in he grocery section of Crystal Mall. Pine House has another location in Parker Place (which I've reviewed.)  They have a variety of items including chinese bread, buns, cookies, pastries and even cake!
I usually gravitate towards the front section where they have day old bread, and pastries! They range from $1- $5 and you usually get a great deal! Pop them in the microwave and they taste just as good as the freshly made ones!
Cocktail Buns (Coconut)
3/5 stars
For $2.80 sans tax, these are a pretty good deal! In most chinese bakeries, if you buy six items, there's no tax! Taste wise, these are your standard cocktail buns. They're a lot better than the ones from T&T. There's an abundant amount of coconut filling inside. The filling is creamy and isn't too sweet, The dough is a little dense though, so be sure to microwave them before you eat it!
Here's a look at the coconut filling! Yum!

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