S & W Pepper House - Crystal Mall

In my opinion, S& W Pepper House is one of the best Szechwan restaurants in South Burnaby. Located in Crystal Mall, on the first floor, with a pseudo Mediterranean theme throughout, it's an unassuming restaurant that a lot of people pass by. But don't be fooled! Their lunch specials are the best deal in Crystal mall imo. For mere $7.88 after taxes, you get yourself a huge plate of delectable meat and rice!
Cumin Lamb Lunch Combo
4.5/5 stars
This was amazing. I would order this again and again. The cumin was potent and spicy and the lamb was moist, juicy, and extremely tender. If you like cumin, or spicy dishes, this is a must try! My mouth was literally watering as I ate this haha. The rice was firm to ensure it wouldn't get soggy from the sauce. The portion size was just right, enough to satisfy me, but not so much as to bloat me. 
Kung Pao Chicken Lunch Combo
3/5 stars
I feel like nothing could top the Cumin Lamb. I was right. The Kung Pao Chicken was pretty good, but it didn't blow me away like the previous dish had. The chicken was tender and flavourful. The spiciness was mild and it wasn't too salty. Good, but lacked a wow factor. I probably wouldn't order this again.

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