Triple O's

Triple O's the fast food equivalent of White Spot. They use the same signature "Triple O" sauce in their hamburgers that White Spot is renown for. 
Oh and btw, a little word of advice foodie to foodie: don't fall for the Triple O Tuesday promotion. A $3.33 burger screams PRE MADE which equates to dry, stale, and unappetizing. Be a smart consumer! haha
I opted for a Original Cheeseburger Combo. I also upgraded to sweet potato fries for an extra dollar. This combo came to about $11. Why has fast food gotten this exuberantly pricey? For $11, you can easily eat at a casual dine in restaurant.
Sweet Potato Fries
3/5 stars
The exterior was lightly battered and lightly salted. I was rather disappointed, as the fries were not as crispy as I would have liked.  They were warm, but rather soggy. The sweetness of the yam went very well with the tanginess of the chipotle mayo dip it came with! 

Chipotle Mayo Sauce
Original Cheeseburger
1/5 stars
I have to give them props for the presentation of this burger. Doesn't this just put McDonald's to utter shame? For one, the bun wasn't deformed, and the patty was actually in the centre of the burger.
However, taste and texture wise, I wasn't impressed. The meat itself was very dry and lacking in flavour. The processed cheese added nothing to the burger.

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