Xu's Wonton House - Crystal Mall

Xu's Wonton House is a vendor known for their xiao long bao and pan fried round dumplings. Xu's replaced the former Wang's Shanghai Cuisine, which were famous for their xiao long baos. Some had even hailed Wang's as having the best food court XLB in the Lower Mainland! I've tried their xiao long baos years ago, so I can't recall how they compare to Xu's.
Pan Fried Dumplings
1.5/5 stars
I meant to order the pan fried round dumplings, but mistakingly ordered these haha. Oh well! The skin wasn't very tender. The pork filling was juicy, but lacked flavour. I probably wouldn't order these again, but I will try the round dumplings next time!
Beef Rolls
2/5 stars
Flavour wise, these were pretty good. However, the portion size was dainty! The pancake wasn't crispy and looked undercooked. There was only one beef slice in each piece, and they were sliced far too thin. For the same price at Joy's Taiwanese Cuisine, you get 4 huge beef rolls that equates to a meal! 
Rice Cakes with Fried Pork
4/5 stars
I don't see a lot of people ordering this, but this was great! There were about 4 pieces of crispy pork and 8 pieces of rice cake drowned in a sweet soy sauce base. The pork was tender, juicy and very flavourful. The rice cakes were glutinous and had a great chew to them. This dish was a bit flat toned since everything was drenched in the sauce, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

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