Cattle Cafe - Beside Metrotown

Pork Chop in Bacon Onion Demi Glaze
4/5 stars
First of all, my apologies for forgetting to take a photo of the storefront: it was raining that day and I had to rush home to finish a paper so it completely slipped my mind! Cattle Cafe is located beside Laoshan Dong Noodle Restaurant. If you want to get to Cattle Cafe from Metrotown the closet route by walking is going through the Bay.

Anyways, the Pork Chop w Bacon Onion Glaze far exceeded my expectations! I never have high expectations for chain stores, but this dish really impressed me! Definitely made me want to come back to try some of their other dishes. First of all, the portion size was huge. I was shocked when it arrived. The pork chop was the size of my hand, and there were two of them! I still managed to finish it all haha, because it was so good! The glaze was delicious! It was creamy, slightly sweet and just the right consistency. The pork chop was tender, juicy and wasn't overcooked.There were a lot of onion pieces in the glaze. As for the bacon, there were only two measly pieces, but I didn't really mind. The rice had been topped with seaweed seasoning which added some interest to the plain rice.

Lemon Ribena
1.5/5 stars
I also ordered a Lemon Ribena, which is Sprite, with ribena on the bottom for $1.50. It was alright. The first initial sip was very good because the Ribena was very potent, but after poking through the lemon I could no longer taste the ribena and the sprite was the only prominent flavour.

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