Costco - Poutine & Pizza

4/5 stars
What can $5 get you these days? Not much...unless you're at the Costco food court! For under $5, you can get a ridiculously huge portion of fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds! It's not fine dining, but it sure is satisfying! Sometimes you just NEED a big greasy plate of poutine. For a food court, Costco does poutine very well. They don't skimp on the cheese curds, and the fries are always fresh, crunchy, and hot! Albeit the gravy is rather salty, but yummy nonetheless!
3/5 stars
Whenever my family & I head to Costco, we always order a pan pizza. For $10, you get 12 slices of pizza, that's only about 83 cents a piece! Between the three of us, we manage to polish it all off. I usually eat 2 pieces, 1 if I'm having poutine. My mom eats 5-6 pieces, and my Dad usually stomachs 4. Yes, my mom eats alot haha.
Costco pizza isn't the best, but it's not bad either. The crust is decently springy, and the cheese isn't too salty. They only have three kinds: Pepperoni, Cheese & Hawaiian. My parents love the cheese pizza because it has loads of cheese on it. I always opt for pepperoni. Okay, I actually just like picking off the pepperoni hehe. It's really crispy, kind of like eating chips, in meat form haha. As for the Hawaiian, I would suggest skipping it, as it paled in comparison to the other two.


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