Cupcakes Metrotown

Cupcakes by Heather & Lori have been quite popular in Metro Vancouver for years now, with locations in Downtown, West Van, Kerrisdale, and most recently, Metrotown! I've never been compelled to try their cupcakes as they're quite pricey for what they are, however the other day I was browsing Groupon and saw a 12 pack of their assorted cupcakes for $7! That's 50% off!
I really dig their retro theme and packaging! I'm always a sucker for cute marketing and presentation!
The flavours that stood out to me the most in order from best to worst were: Blue Hawaiian, Lemon Drop, Koo Koo, Red Velvet, Mint Condition and Diva. I particularly enjoyed the Blue Hawaiian, Lemon Drop, Koo Koo and Red Velvet. I found them to be the most multi dimensional, and the cakes were also the most moist. The rest were rather mediocre, especially the chocolate flavours. The chocolate cake flavours all tasted the same and were rather chalky and dry.
The aftermath of my Cupcake sampling haha...
and this was after eating a huge bowl of vermicelli with spring rolls and grilled pork. Surprisingly I wasn't even full haha. Oh, such is the life of a food blogger ;)
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