Ha Cafe Vietnamese - Metrotown

Ha Cafe is a unassuming little Vietnamese restaurant located in the Old Orchard Plaza. Not a lot of people know about this hole in the wall, as they're located in the corner of the Plaza near Shoppers Drug Mart. However, I went at lunch time on a Friday, and the place became packed very quicky. There was also a steady stream of costumers getting take out, which is always a good sign.
 One of the cool things about Cafe Ha is that they have a large sofa couch in the back! 
Grilled Pork and Spring Roll on Vermicelli
4/5 stars
Grilled Pork and Vermicelli is one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes. It was done quite well here. It came with 5 pieces of spring rolls with fish sauce, vegetables, and a substantial amount of grilled pork. The vermicelli was al dente, and wasn't soggy from the soup. The portion size was quite large but I had no trouble finishing it haha. The pork had a charred, smokey flavour, and wasn't overcooked. The spring rolls were very meaty, and the skin was perfectly crunchy. There were ample fresh veggies on the side, which balanced out the meat ratio.
 Their viet subs also seem to be popular! And bonus points to the guy for wearing gloves!

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