Lao Shan Dong Homemade Noodle - Metrotown

Lao Shan Dong is a popular chain Taiwanese Noodle Soup Restaurant in Taiwan, which has been in operation for over 50 years! Their Burnaby location has been around for quite some time now, as I recall Lao Shan Dong being in that exact location since I was in Gr.7!

4/5 stars
To start off, I decided on one of their mixed cold meat platters. This was a small, but the portion size was quite large, especially for one person! The sauce they drizzled on top of the meat was a sweet, honeyed based soy sauce. The beef slices were very thinly sliced, but were very lean and rather tender. The pig ears were also very thinly sliced, which resulted in them lacking crunch, which was a bit disappointing. The meat platter also included beef tripe, which was was well marinated, and quite chewy.
3/5 stars
I settled on a small #1 Beef Noodle. I normally hold a noodle house's #1 as being a reliable testament to the quality and authenticity of their dishes.
This was indeed an authentic bowl of Taiwanese beef noodle. It was good, but it wasn't great. I've definitely had better beef noodles in Taiwan. The broth didn't taste like MSG however it was lacking in depth and was rather flat toned, flavour wise. The broth was subtly spicy and a little sour from the sour pickle.
The noodles were perfectly al dente and there was a substantial amount. The beef chunks were a little disappointing though. There were only about 8 tiny pieces. The beef was very lean, without being too tough, and was reasonably tender.

The beef noodle soup was decent, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here. However, if you're looking for authentic Taiwanese beef noodle in the Metrotown area, Lao Shan Dong is a solid option!
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  1. I find LSD's beef broth saltier than I'd like. I prefer going to The One (their sister restaurant) further east on Kingsway:

    Which is more comfy, spacious and less rushed.

  2. @LotusRapper
    Thanks for the recommendation, I'll definitely have to try the One's beef noodle then! I've also heard that their slushes are huge haha

  3. Yes, served in this really tall, swirly coned shape. Fun ! Best to share with a friend :-)

    Their veggie fried rice is very decent too, as is their Taiwanese-style sausage fried rice.

  4. Haha the slushes look so novel and fun! Thanks for the reference pictures!

    The Taiwanese fried rice sounds delish! I'll definitely have to try it for myself :D

  5. *Like* your 2 CORINTHIANS 5:17 reference :-D

  6. Thanks! :D It's one of my favourite bible verses!

  7. I think the One's beef noodle is spicier and the broth is less sweetened, but it's still somewhat saturated with soy sauce.

    I thought LSD was decent until I recently tried the original Lao Shan Dong in Taiwan and now I'm very disappointed at the Burnaby location. They use much wider handmade noodles and the soup tastes very similar to Pearl House's Beef Noodle - spicy and a tad oily yet lighter than the LSD in Burnaby. I prefer this taste to the Burnaby LSD.

    1. Is LSD/The One here still corporately tied to the original one in Taipei ?

      Found a blog review of the Taipei one:

      My parents somewhat regularly shopped in 西門盯 when I was growing up in TP .... I wonder if they went to eat at LSD (and not bring me there !). I do recall, as a 7-yr old, a pretty good Shanghainese resto on Xinyi Rd (?) in the neighbourhood where I grew up. Funny I was taking mental notes of restos even back then, LOL !

    2. @Frank Lin

      I've never tried the original Lao Shan Dong in Taiwan!! I definitely will the next time I go back! :D

      Ohh I've have to try the One's beef noodle then, thanks Frank!


      I don't know haha, but they still have the same logo!!

      LOL...mental notes of restos, you were destined to be a foodie!


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