M&W Kitchen - Admiralty Centre

M&W Kitchen is located in Admiralty Centre's food court. Not alot of people know about Admiralty Centre but it boosts a great food court with 6 vendors! Admiralty Centre is located across from Pacific Centre and Bubble Queen.

4/5 stars
M&W specializes in chicken, and has about 7 varieties of chicken to choose from! I got the Gwai Fei Chicken, which is marinated with wine. I also opted to get marinated pork ears, and another pork dish (that I don't know the name of in English haha). You can also ask for them to swap out the plain rice for oil rice, which is rice that's been cooked in chicken oil! Oil Rice is the same rice they serve with Hainanese Chicken. It's not very healthy, but it sure is delicious!
The Gwai Fei Chicken was delicious! The chicken was tender, moist and incredibly fragrant, having been marinated with wine. The pork ears were mildly spicy and had a good snap. The pork side dish had a subtle wine flavour.

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