Mazazu Crepe - Aberdeen Food Court

Mazazu Crepe is a Japanese Crepe chain store located in the Aberdeen Food Court. They have a variety of sweet and savoury crepes, including ice cream!
Mazazu Crepe is actually affiliiated with Frappe Bliss and Saboten, also located in the Aberdeen food court. I know this because your can use their stamp card at all the vendors I mentioned.
All there crepes are basically the same ingredients, but with varying fruit, syrup or ice cream combinations.
The main  have two kinds of fruits, banana & strawberry, two kinds of cakes, cheesecake and chocolate, and 3 kinds of syrup, chocolate, strawberry, and caramel. They also have savoury crepes with ham, cheese, and egg!
How cute is their packaging?
4/5 stars
Okay, I have to admit, aside from the adorable packaging, the crepe didn't look all too impressive. It was rather flat, and it looked like it lacked any filling. However, thankfully it tasted alot better than it looked! The crepe was airy, flaky, and buttery, and the blueberry jam inside was real jam puree! The japanese cake was surprisingly great! It was incredibly creamy, smooth and wasn't too dense. The cake itself wasn't too sweet, and the cheese was very prominent, without overwhelming the other flavours.

Overall, I enjoyed my crepe a lot more than I had anticipated! Next time I'm definitely going to try one their ice cream crepes and maybe even a savoury one!

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