New York Fries Poutine

New York fries is a solid poutine option if you ever find yourself in a food court. NY fries are present in virtually every mall food court in the Lower Mainland. Ironically, no such thing as New York Fries exists in New York. The poutine here is straight up comfort food, it's not gourmet poutine by any means, but fills a craving.
3/5 stars
This is a small, and this was enough to suffice. I'm not huge fan of their fries, because I find them rather soggy, even without the gravy. However, I do like how they keep the potato skins on, so the edges are crispy and charred. The gravy is rather watery and on the saltier side. The cheese curds are standard, chewy and moist. Overall, it's not bad, but I still prefer Costco poutine to this. New York Fries on Urbanspoon



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