Pho Hong - Kingsway

 Pho Hong is located on Kingsway and it's my family's default pho place in Burnaby. It's not the best pho ever, but my Dad loves it because the portions are huge and most importantly, it's inexpensive haha. We asians love saving money!
4/5 stars
When we go here we each order a large haha and we always manage to finish it all. You can also upgrade to a combo which includes a spring roll for an additional dollar. We usually get the #1, because it has the most variety! It contains about 5 pieces of thinly sliced lean beef, 4 beef balls and beef intestine. The vermicelli noodles are cooked al dente and have the perfect texture.
4/5 stars
The spring rolls here are meaty, crispy and delicious! The spring rolls are on the smaller side, but they make up for it in flavour. They also come with the fish sauce however I would suggest trying them plain first, because they're delicious on their own!



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