Sakura Sushi - Beside Richmond Centre

Don't let it's unassuming exterior and interior fool you! Sakura Sushi is one of the best sushi establishments in Richmond's. In fact, it even ranks number 1 on Yelp for Sushi in Central Richmond! The masses don't lie haha! 

Unagi Roll 4.5/5 stars
The Unagi Tempura Roll is my absolute favourite thing to order here. The first and second picture are the same item, but ordered on different occasions. The batter of the tempura is fried perfectly, and there was no shortage of Unagi in the roll. They drench the roll in an mouthwatering sweet sauce.

Yam Tempura Roll 4/5 stars
The Yam Tempura Roll is a popular sushi roll, but the execution at most places is lacking. Sakura Sushi's Yam Tempura roll is the best I've ever tried. What differentiates it from other yam rolls is that the tempura is actually placed on the exterior of the roll and the avocado in the interior. The batter is fried perfectly and the yam on top remains crispy and doesn't get soggy. They go the extra mile  of adding sweet sauce on it, which elevates both its taste and presentation.
Here's another pictures of the same roll that I ordered on another occasion!
4/5 stars
Their lunch bento boxes are also great value! Pictured here is the Lunch Box C which is only $9! It comes with a 6 piece california roll, 3 pieces of teriyaki chicken, yam and prawn tempura, miso salad, and complimentary miso soup!
The teriyaki chicken is dosed in a gelatin like sauce that is sweet and salty. Sakura's sushi is perfect: crispy, fragrant and crunchy. The california rolls here are also surprisingly well done: they're firmly packed, with the perfect ratio of rice to filling. The imitation crab isn't too mushy, and the rice is slighly sour. The sauce on the miso salad is delicious with a potent miso flavour, and a gritty texture.



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