Yogen Fruz - Coffee Flavour

You know I love Qoola and Pinkberry, so how does Yogen Fruz stack up? Pinkberry is an American company, and both Qoola and Yogen Fruz are Canadian!
4/5 stars
Consistency wise, I've noticed that Yogen Fruz's frozen yogurt is noticeably thicker and also less sweet. Yogen Fruz touts their coffee flavour as being made out of fresh premium expresso. The yogurt had a sharp, potently bitter expresso flavour, that was subtly sweet. The chocolate shavings on top of the yogurt was actually dark chocolate, which went well with the bitterness of the yogurt, as it didn't overwhelm the other flavours.

Overall, I really like Yogen Fruz for their custom flavours and the plethora of fresh fruit options! Definitely a solid contender to Pinkberry and Qoola! I'll definitely be trying more of their flavours in the future!

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