Bo Wah Fast Food - Crystal Mall

Bo Wah Fast Food is a vendor located in the Crystal Mall Food Court. As the name implies, it's essentially chinese fast food takeout, but they also have a variety of made to order dishes.
2/5 stars
I didn't order this, my dad was the one who did, but I did sample everything on the plate. All that went through my mind when I tried this was "MSG OVERLOAD."While it was good value at only $5.50, the amount of the MSG was way too apparent. The fish was lightly battered and moist, but was just too salty. The curry beef brisket was a little too tough. The black pepper beef was alright, it wasn't too salty and had ample amounts of black pepper.

Overall, with all the other options in the Crystal Mall food court, I personally wouldn't come back here. However, if  you're always in rush and don't have time to wait for food (like my dad) then Bo Wah will suffice.

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