Breka Bakery & Cafe - 24 hrs

If you ever find yourself craving cake at 2 am in the morning, have no fear, Breka is here! Breka Bakery & Cafe is open 24 hours, yes 24 hours! Now I know where to go for my middle of the night sugar cravings haha. Breka is a family run cafe with locations on Sunset and Fraser St.They have a great selection of freshly baked goods, bread, cake, coffee and sandwiches! They also have a seating area with wifi which is usually full during the day.
Chocolate Almond Croissant
4/5 stars
After perusing the plethora of drool inducing options available I settled on a chocolate almond croissant! This was delicious! You can ask them to warm it up for you in the microwave! The interior is filled with chocolate, which it melts from the heat, making it soft and gooey! The croissant is flaky, buttery, and crispy. I really appreciated the ample amount of almond shavings, as there was enough to cover the entire surface area of the croissant! 
So many cakes...not enough stomach space haha

They even have breakfast/lunch options! Sandwiches, rolls, even pot pie!
Mmm so many delicious pastries!

Overall, I really like Breka! I really wish I could sample all of their pastries, because they all look so yummy! Let me know if you have any favourites that you would recommend that I try!

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