Cafe De Waraku - Durian Cheesecake

Cafe De Waraku is an Italian Japanese fusion restaurant located in Excel Plaza across from Aberdeen. They're known for their desserts, namely their durian cheesecake. Yes, you read that right. Durian, that foul smelling tropical fruit, in cheesecake form! 
Fancy some tofu cheesecake? haha

Durian Cheesecake
4/5 stars
This was scrumptious! The cake is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury flavours. The durian is very potent and blends very well with the flavours of the cheesecake. Despite the potency of the durian the cake (thankfully) didn't smell too strongly of the odour haha. The cheesecake is super creamy and melts in your mouth.  

Even though the cake was delicious, I still don't think it was worth the $8.50, considering the location and the portion size. However they do have a drink + cake combo for $10, which is a better deal. I didn't realize the cake slice cost $8.50 on its own or I would have gotten the combo haha.

The only thing deterring me from returning would be their prices. I would much rather make the drive downtown to Thierry or Faubourg for cake. 
If Cafe de Waraku priced their cakes at $5 or under per slice, I would definitely be a regular! Cafe de Waraku 和樂屋 on Urbanspoon



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