Cafe Joie - Macarons!

Cafe Joie is a fairly new cafe located across from Metrotown, on Sussex! The decor is industrial chic/rustic, which is totally my style haha! The tables are reclaimed wood which are paired with metal parisian type cafe chairs! Cafe joie grinds their coffee in house and they serve JJ Bean coffee too! They also have ton of desserts  like cheesecake, pastries, even macarons! They even have some savoury options too! I was served with by a girl with short curled hair, and she was super friendly, and all smiles!

That wood paneling is so lush! haha

I'm such a sucker for industrial decor haha. Those chairs are a classic. 
You can choose your own flavours or go with one of their already packaged boxes!

4/5 stars
I decided to try their iced caramel machiatto. Robust, creamy, caramely = yummy! If you eat in they serve it in a heavy substantial glass cup, which is nice!

 I really like how their packaging is see through!
From left to right: Coffee, Almond, Mango, Peach, Raspberry, Green Tea, Earl Grey, Sesame

3.5/5 stars
I went with a box of their macarons, which was about $15 for 8. The macarons were rather large, similar in size to Thierry's! They have a wide variety of flavours, which were all awesome. The flavours tasted natural, subtle, and wasn't too sweet. While these weren't the best macarons I've ever had, for a non-bakery place, these exceeded my expectations! The macarons were very airy and soft. The shells themselves all tasted the same, it was the filling that differentiated the flavours from each other. Some of the macarons were filled with real fruit jam. 

Coffee: A subtle, bitter expresso flavour.
Almond: The filling had real crushed almonds in it and tasted a bit salty from the almonds. 
Mango: The mango was rather subtle, but very refreshing.
Peach: I couldn't detect any peach, but at least it didn't taste like artificial peach. 
Raspberry: Second sweetest out of the bunch, after Earl Grey. The raspberry was very prominent, it had raspberry puree in the filling.
Green Tea: A subtle matcha flavour. The least sweet out of the bunch.
Earl Grey: The sweetest one out of the bunch, which I wasn't expecting. For some reason this tasted like blueberry. Either it really did or my mind tricked itself into thinking it tasted like blueberry because of the colour haha. 
Sesame: The sesame was very potent, as evidenced by the ground sesame seeds in the filling. 

Overall, I really like Cafe Joie! Yummy drinks coupled with it's bright interior and generous table real estate make it the perfect place for studying! It's rather new, but I'm sure this place will be buzzing in no time! 

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