Coco Hut Singapore Restaurant - Union Square

Coco Hut is a Singaporean restaurant located in Union Square. Union Square is a plaza located near Yaohan Centre. Coco Hut is truly a hidden gem for Hainanese Chicken in Richmond. A whole chicken with 5 bowls of rice is only $20! 

4/5 stars
Their Hainanese chicken is above average. The chicken is really tender and silky, and isn't dry at all. The chicken actually sits in a soy sauce based sauce. Personally, I find the sauce to be way too salty which distracts from the clean taste of the chicken. However those who find hainanese chicken too bland may like this. 

4/5 stars
For $7.50, this is a great deal! A single portion of Hainanese chicken comes with a bowl of oil rice, Hainanese chicken soup and green onion/chilli sauce. The chicken oil rice was a disappointment though. Taste wise, it only had a very faint hint of chicken oil. Well made chicken oil rice should also smell fragrant from the oil, but this rice didn't have the distant chicken oil smell.

3.5/5 stars
Since Malaysian curry is coconut milk based, the spiciness is really mild, with only a slight kick. I prefer creamier curries but this was on the watery side. There were about 8 pieces of beef and 3 pieces of potatoes. The beef chunks are really tender, with a good ratio of fat to lean pieces, which is what I look for with curry beef briskets. The potatoes are soft and soak up the flavours of the curry nicely.

The combo also comes with long grain rice, which is my favourite! As with curry beef brisket, the rice is on the drier side to ensure it doesn't get soggy from the curry.

Overall, Coco Hut offers great value for the money and above average eats. If you're looking to feed a group at a low cost, Coco Hut won't disappoint with its delicious Hainanese Chicken!

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