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Datang BBQ is a vendor located in Yaohan Centre, in Richmond. One would not expect great BBQ to come out of a vendor in a food court, but Datang has definitely defied that notion! I'm quite familiar with the BBQ shops in Richmond, and I have to say, Datang is definitely up to par! However, Parker Place & HK BBQ Master still take the top crown, but that's pretty much a given haha. Still, Datang is pretty impressive by food court standards!
They have a ton of mix and match combos for you to choose from! All meals come with free soup or tea.

4/5 stars
My apologizes for the horrendous lighting haha. If you've read any of my previous reviews on Yaohan, you know that foodtography does not translate well under its florescent lightening :(
I'm pretty much a DSLR noob haha, so if you know how to counteract this problem, please let me know in the comments below!

I was pleasantly surprised by Datang! I ordered the BBQ duck and the marinated pork ribs and the portion size was just right. Both were delicious! The BBQ duck was tender, and the skin was flavourful and juicy. The pork ribs had been marinated very well, and had a deep, smokey flavour. The rice was long grain rice, which is my favourite! If you ask, they'll also drizzle some of the delicious sweet BBQ sauce on your rice!

I haven't tried their char siu or roast pork, so I'll have to see how it compares to Parker Place and HK BBQ Master's. Next time you're in the Yaohan food court I recommend you give Datang a try!

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  1. Glad you tried Datang. I've tried a couple of times and the BBQ snob in me was turned off by their slow customer demand and hence the slow turnaround of food items. And being the cheap, ooops I mean frugal Chinese person that I am, I find their prices tough to ....... swallow. But having said that, if you're at Yaohan food court and are craving BBQ, they're there for ya. But for me, I just try really hard to wait, get into my car, and drive over to HK BBQ Master or Master Hung BBQ:

  2. Haha yes the slow food turnover rate can definitely be a turn off to some people, especially if it's been sitting there all day! I find that if I go during lunch time I'll get better cuts as opposed to going in the evening when there are only the lean pieces leftover.

    Yea I agree, its a bit steep for a food court, but will suffice if you're in dire need of BBQ Meat in Yoahan haha.

    I love HK BBQ Master! They have the best roast pork and char siu :D

    I've been meaning to try Master Hung BBQ! What would you recommend there?

  3. Master Hung (hilarious name !) I've only gone for lunch several times, and always the rice plates (which are very generous btw, so go with a friend to share). The 3 BBQ meats on rice is the best way to sample them. I've had other rice plate dishes too and they're all very decent. I do notice some MSG-ness (or just too salty ?) just so you're aware in case that bothers you. Good to take the parents for a midday lunch (lunch specials come with HUGE bowl of "lai tong"). They're not a seafood place, as you can tell already, so no need to check those dishes out.

  4. Thanks for the recommendations and the msg headsup haha! The lunch special sounds like a great deal, especially since it comes with lai tong. Mmm the 3 BBQ Meat on rice sounds delicious! I'll definitely have to go this week :D

  5. Yum !


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