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Deer Garden Signatures is a chain store most known for their signature fish soups and customizable noodle combos. I had blogged about Deer Garden previously, but decided to give them a second chance after an unpleasant dining experience. I'm glad I did! I returned three times to try different items and they were all delicious! Service had also improved significantly on my subsequent visits! I wonder if they read my review haha ;) jk

4/5 stars
Everyone raves about Deer Garden's noodle soup combos, so one wouldn't think to order their curry. Surprisingly, Deer Garden makes amazing Malaysian style curry, that's on par with some Malaysian restaurants! Their curry is Malaysian style curry, which is super creamy and sweet! It's comparable to Mui Garden, but isn't as sweet. 
Their beef brisket is delicious! The brisket is really tender and has the perfect ratio of lean to fatty pieces.
I also really like their rice haha. It's long grain rice that is on the drier side to ensure that the rice doesn't get soggy from the curry sauce, which I appreciate.

4/5 stars
On another day I also tried their curry pork chop, which was equally as great! The pork chops were lightly battered and crunchy while the interior was moist and juicy.

3/5 stars
On another day I also tried their Laska soup base w/ fish tofu and beef balls. I find their Laska to be a bit watered down. It's rather spicy, even with the coconut milk base. I found the coconut milk to be rather weak, I would have preferred it to be stronger. The beef balls were rather standard. The fish tofu was pretty tasty, it was chewy with a strong fish paste flavour.
The portion size is huge, and could have easily sufficed for two meals. I ended up consuming all of the soup and the meat, and taking home 3/4 of the noodles haha.

4/5 stars
For every soup combo, you have to option to an additional two sides at $1.25 each! I ordered their fried fish fillet. This was really good! The fish itself was quite large. The fish was lightly battered, crunchy and fragrant. The interior was flakey, moist and juicy. I found the fish to be flavourful enough on its own, without adding hollandaise sauce. I think I'm going to order double of this next time hehe

All meals also come with a free hot drink! It's an additional $1 to ungrade to a cold one. They package the cold drinks in to-go cups so if you don't finish it you can take it with you! Choices include lemon tea, milk tea, almond milk tea, coffee milk tea, lemon water, and horlicks!

They serve the hot drinks in these cute canisters which keep the drinks hot for a long time, which is nice.

Overall, I'm really glad I decided to give Deer Garden another chance because I really enjoyed everything I had! For the price, the portion sizes are huge and the food is tasty! The only downside? The long lineups...haha

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  1. Went to the Fraser location for lunch today, anticipating the curry beef brisket on rice (one of my faves). Waitress said it's only at the Richmond store :-(

  2. @LotusRapper Aw what a bummer! The curry brisket is one of my favourites as well! Too bad it's only exclusive to the Richmond locations! What did you end up ordering?

  3. I got the sausage + cured meats on rice. First impression was weak as the bowl looked small. Then as I took out the sausages and cured (duck ?) meat I realized there was more than it looked. Some token gailan leaves balanced the proteins. The rice was long-grained, cooked hard and nutty, perfect for this kind of dish, but I could have easily used 50% more rice ('cuz I'm a "rice bucket"). With a HK coffee included, the total was $6.99 plus tax.

    I recommend you give Hoy's (Kingsway @ Inverness) for their curry beef brisket on rice. The sauce is darker and has more depth and I'm told slow-cooked for 2 days but depending on the day you go there, you may get "day 1" curry or "day 2" curry (day 2's is better than day 1's, and the brisket is more tender).

  4. *I recommend you give Hoy's (Kingsway @ Inverness) A TRY for their curry beef brisket on rice."

    It was late, too late, for me to type properly ......

  5. I've seen people order that and I agree, it looks deceively small at first glance, but once you dig through it there's actually a lot!

    Haha "rice bucket." I can totally relate. I'm the same haha. I love my rice! Long grain rice is my favourite :D

    Oh that curry sounds delicious! I hope I get their Day 2 curry :D Maybe I'll phone in and ask them "Is the curry day 2 curry today?" haha they'll probably think I'm crazy

  6. Their curry beef brisket is cooked separately from the regular "original sauce" (原汁) beef brisket, that's why the flavors really get into the meat and the sauce itself becomes more caramelized, deeper in color and flavor. But a tad too salty for me, I always ask for a BIG glass of iced water.

  7. Mmm caramelized! I'm drooling haha! I definitely want to try it now!


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