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House of Tofu Soup is a Korean restaurant located on Garden City Road in Richmond. I've passed by House of Tofu countless times but never felt compelled to try it. It may be due to the fact that the covered windows come off as somewhat sketchy...haha. Last week I got a email from a reader suggesting I try it, so I did! Thanks Joey, you have great taste! :D haha get it? Great taste? Because it tastes great? ...I know I'm not funny ;D

As one can infer from their name, House of Tofu Soup's signature dish is their tofu soup! I wanted variety, so decided to order their Tofu Soup combo which also comes with a large side of pork bulgoghi!

4/5 stars
This was really tasty. It wasn't the best pork bulgoghi I've ever had, but it was still delicious, nonetheless! The waitress advised me that the bulgoghi was spicy, but it wasn't spicy at all! It was actually sweet! The pork was tender, chewy, and very flavourful. I was really happy with the portion size, because it was rather large, given that it was a side dish!

4.5/5 stars
If you're going to name your restuarant after a dish, the expectations are immediately set a bar higher for that dish! Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed!

 For the tofu soup you get to choose whether you want beef, pork, seafood, or a mix. I opted for a mix of seafood and beef! You also get to choose your spiciness level! I went with mild because I did't want the spiciness to overpower the other flavours.

The portion size looks small, but it was more than enough!There were ample amounts of tofu, so much that it was never ending! There were also about 4 pieces of shrimp, and a few pieces of beef slices. 

They also give you a raw egg that you get to crack yourself in the tofu soup! The heat from the stone bowl cooks the egg! The soup also came with a side of rice.
Their tofu soup definitely lived up to their name! The broth was absolutely delicious and one of the best tofu soups I've ever had!
4/5 stars
Every meal also comes with complimentary banchan! They offer free refills so don't be afraid to ask!  The mash potatoes were great. It was very buttery, but also rather sweet. Totally different from the western variation of mash potatoes!
3/5 stars
The kimchi was rather standard and really spicy! I always leave kimchi for last haha because the spiciness numbs my mouth and tends to overpower more delicate flavours. 
3/5 stars
The banchan also included pickled radish! It was drenched in a sweet soy sauce, which had fully penetrated into the radish. The radish was crunchy and was a nice contrast to the mushiness of the tofu.

4/5 stars
The seaweed banchan was awesome! A tad bit salty, but really delicious! The seaweed was of the softer variety. This was the only banchan item that I got them to refill.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at House of Tofu!
Service was polite and prompt, and most importantly, the food was delicious! I'll definitely be back!  House of Tofu Soup on Urbanspoon



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