Janice Cake Shop - Union Square Richmond

Janice Cake Shop is located in Union Square in Richmond. If you're noticed, I've been on a mission to review every restaurant/bakery/cafe in Union Square haha! I still have a few to go! So if you see a camera wielding teenage girl wandering around Union Square during lunch hour, that's probably me haha!

4/5 stars
Janice Cake Shop is very well known for their swiss rolls and I can definitely see why! These were the best swiss rolls I've ever had from an asian bakery! Usually I'm not a fan of swiss rolls, but these were amazing! The cake was incredibly moist and airy and wasn't dense at all. It had a subtle sweetness and had a faint sesame flavour that wasn't too overwhelming. The center is filled with a sweet cream, which had a subtle sweetness, and paired very well with the cake!

4/5 stars
This was equally as good! I do have one complaint though: I found the mango flavour to be inconsistent, as some parts of the cake had a very strong mango flavour while other parts the mango flavour was very subtle. One thing I love about these is that they're so light and airy that I didn't feel stuffed eating these after lunch! :D

Overall, I really enjoyed their swiss rolls, so I'll definitely be back to try more of their items in the future! I've also heard that their coconut buns are stellar, so I definitely going to try those next time!

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