Leung Kee - Aberdeen Food Court

Leung Kee is a vendor in Aberdeen specializing in HK Style Cafe food. Leung Kee, and their neighbouring Mambo Cafe, are two of the most popular food vendors in the entire food court.They've even implemented a numbering system to make picking up your order more efficient! 

Not to be confused with Leung Kee, there's another stall with a similar name, Lung Kee, which specializes in congee and noodles. Make sure you go to the right one haha!

4/5 stars
This is my favourite thing to order at Leung Kee. I did a previous blog post on this but the picture was really blurry, so here's a better picture of it! On the menu it's listed as "Salt & Pepper Pork Chops." These look like regular pork chops right? They're actually coated with a delicious curry powder, which makes the pork chop incredibly fragrant. The meat is really juicy, with the perfect ratio of lean and fatty meat. The pork chops are all meat with no bone! The only bone is the one that's visible in the picture.

3/5 stars
This was alright. The spareribs were rather fatty and mostly bone. There were only 4 pieces of sausages and they were sliced far too thin. There was an ample amount of rice though.

4/5 stars
I quite like Leung Kee's HK Milk Tea. It's really potent and doesn't taste diluted. Hot drinks are free and cold drinks are additional $1.

Overall, Leung Kee serves up solid HK style cafe food for a food court. It's one of my go to places that I find myself defaulting to whenever I find myself in the Aberdeen Food Court.



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