Long Xuan Tea House - Metrotown

  Long Xuan Tea House is a new bubble tea place conveniently located across from Metrotown on Kingsway near Yakko Sushi! This place caters to the young, bubble tea consuming crowd, with a bright orange colour scheme, plastic tables, and cute panda stickers plastered on the walls haha!
Their menu is fairly standard, with all your typical bubble tea offerings. The guy working there was friendly and recommended items for me to try and answered my questions about the menu. They have free wifi, so it would be a great place to chill and hang out with friends on a hot day! :D

Honey Green Tea w/Grass Jelly
3.5/5 stars
  I ended up ordering a honey green tea with grass jelly, which was $4.50. A bit steep in my opinion, but it was still pretty good! It was a bit diluted, but was just the right sweetness. The grass jelly was the natural variety, not the artificial kind, which I appreciated. It was chewy, and the right texture. The honey was prominent, but didn't overpower the taste of the green tea.
   Overall, I quite like Long Xuan! For a startup tea house, they still have plenty of room of improvement. If I would have one recommendation it would be that they add some unique drinks to their menu, to stand out from their competitors! Overall, a solid bubble tea place near Metrotown!

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