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Seafood House is a vendor located in the Crystal Mall Food Court. Throughout the day they offer a combo of 2 Items on Rice for $5.75. In the evening around 5:30 pm, it gets even cheaper! 4 items on rice for only $5! My dad, mom and I usually split two combos when we don't feel like cooking. It's not gourmet, but hey I'm not complaining! It tastes pretty decent, and for only $10, we get 8 different items, which is enough for the 3 of us!
 I know a lot of foodies would be appalled that I am reviewing a pre cooked food stall but I try not to be a snob when it comes to food, even if its pre cooked food court food haha. Some of the best culinary delights are sold by street vendors and hole in the walls, so I try not to a judge a place based on its location and appearance. 

3/5 stars
My dad picked out some fried salmon, honey garlic pork, and beef brisket curry. The fried salmon was surprisingly very tasty! The salmon was lightly battered and retained a crunch despite sitting there for hours haha. The meat was moist and flavourful! I'm glad we ordered double of it, because it was the best item out of all the ones we tried.
The honey garlic pork didn't come as a surprise. It was quite frankly, terrible haha. I'm going to tell my dad not to get this again. It was comprised mostly of fat, which made the meat overly chewy. The honey was overbearing and made the meat really sticky.
I didn't try the curry beef, but my dad seemed to like it, because he ate all of it.

My mom picked out spicy chicken drumsticks, stir fried pork, pickled cabbage, and fried salmon. My mom did a pretty good job, better than my dad's selections haha (don't tell him I said that.) The food all tasted homemade, which was comforting, in a strange way. No doubt they added MSG, but with Chinese food, that's pretty much inevitable. The chicken was moist, spicy and well seasoned. The shredded pork had been cooked in a soy sauce based sauce with seaweed, which gave the pork a lot of flavour. The pickled cabbage had minced pork in it and tasted just like something your grandma would make for you. It was crunchy and wasn't too sour, albeit rather oily.

Overall, Seafood House offers decently yummy eats and value that can't be beat, especially when you go in the evening! There are better options in the Crystal Mall Food Court, but if you're looking to stretch your dollar a little further, Seafood House is a solid option!

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