Starbucks Frappucino Happy Hour - Green Tea Frappucino Review

It's that time of the year again! You got that right, it's Starbucks' Frappucino Happy Hour! All frappucinos are half off starting from May 1- 10 from 3 pm to 5 pm!

I've a fan of anything Matcha flavoured, so I decided to try their Green Tea Frappucino which is made from Tazo green tea! We ordered two Ventis, which only cost about $5!

The green tea frappucinos are a great option for those who aren't a fan of overwhelmingly sweet drinks. The other flavours, especially the strawberry, chocolate chip, and caramel frapps are all very sweet. The green tea is subtly sweet with a very potent Matcha flavour. So gather around your friends, and indulge in some frothy, milky goodness! Happy, Happy Hour everyone! :D

*I'm not being paid by Starbucks, I'm just sharing my love of frappucinos! Happy Sipping :D

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