Thai Son Vietnamese Restaurant - Richmond

Thai Son has various locations across the lower mainland.This particular Thai Son is located on the second floor of a plaza on Garden City Road, across from House of Tofu Soup, in Richmond.

Upon entering, you're greeted with decor that is quintessentially Japanese, so it's pretty evident this use to be a Japanese restaurant haha. The restaurant is quite large and is able to accommodate quite a large number of people. Despite its ample seating, tables fill up fast, so be prepared to wait during lunch hour!
4/5 stars
 One of their most popular dishes is their lemongrass chicken on broken rice! Since I wanted variety, I opted for the combo which also comes with shredded pork and an egg! What's broken rice you ask?'s rice that's been "broken" into smaller grains so it's easier to chew!

The combo came with two rather large pieces of chicken. Their lemongrass chicken was one of the better ones I've had, the chicken was juicy with a bit of charring and a potent lemongrass flavour. The shredded pork was a great contrast to the chewy vermicelli.

4/5 stars
The spring rolls were of the flatter variety and came with some vermicelli on the side. I really like how they cut their spring rolls into bite size pieces for easier consumption and sharing! The exterior was fried perfectly, had a great crunch, and wasn't oily at all! The interior was packed with filling that was meaty,moist, and choke full of flavour. Perfect as an appy or side! I had no trouble finishing it by myself haha.
The spring rolls also came with some obligatory fish sauce. I found Thai Son's to be less fishy and more on the sweeter side.

Overall, Thai Son delivers with consistent quality and delicious food. Coupled with fast efficient service and polite staff, Thai Son doesn't disappoint!

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  1. Ha, we share the same good tastes :-)

    Thai Son is my fave Vietnamese restaurant chain. Sure there are better ones (Green Lemongrass for exampleI but I feel I get better and more consistent value from Thai Son.

    I go to the one on E. Broadway and/or E. 1st most often. Now they've got locations on Victoria, SW Marine and even North Road in Burnaby ! My fave is #34: Bun thit nuong cha gio, minus the filler shredded lettuce at the bottom of the bowl (I ask for more cucumber, vermicelli and peanuts).

  2. Yay! Great minds think alike :D

    I agree, Thai Son always delivers with their value and consistency! I love bun thit nuong cha gio! I'll definitely have to try Thai Son's interpretation next time I go! Oh I never knew you could ask for more vermicelli, I always thought that they would charge you extra haha

  3. I ask for less (or none) of something I don't want so I can (try to) get more of something I do want :-D


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