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Yakko Sushi is located across from Metrotown, a few doors down from Sushi Garden. It's a great alternative to Sushi Garden, heck, I actually prefer Yakko haha! I always thought Yakko was affiliated with the Yakko that use to operate in Station Square near the Skytrain platform, but LotusRapper informed me in the comments below that the two Yakkos are actually not the same restaurant! I ate at the station square Yakko once 5 years ago when I went with my mom on her date which was so unbearably awkward that I can't even recall how the sushi was haha!
Yakko has a ton of great affordable lunch boxes! You have the option to choose between teriyaki beef, chicken, fish cutlet, and tempura for your main, a california roll or sashimi as a side, and between gyoza or chicken kaarage.
All the combos also come with a small side of rice and complimentary miso soup! Not too shabby for $8.50! :D

I really like how their tables are sectioned off with panels so you can dine in privacy! Perfect for awkward people like me haha. 
The walls are decorated with a hand painted mural of a geisha! It was really nice to look at while I was noshing on my delicious food haha
4/5 stars
When this came, I was really impressed. For $8.50, I wasn't expecting so much! Usually the california rolls in a lunch combo only come with a few pieces, but this one was a full roll, with 8 pieces! The roll was actually surprisingly great! The california roll was tightly rolled and neatly assembled. The avocado was fresh and the imitation crab meat wasn't too mushy!
As for the salad, I really enjoyed the tangy, house made sauce that it was dosed in. It was sour, a little sweet, and very heavy on the garlic.

4/5 stars
Not too shabby eh? I was pleasantly surprised with the presentation of the beef teriyaki! The meat was garnished with shredded carrots and cilantro. The beef was tender and moist, albeit rather salty from being heavily dosed in sauce. It was placed on a bed of bean sprouts, which retained their crunchiness despite being soaked in the sauce.
2/5 stars
On the menu they had this listed as chicken kaarage, but this didn't resemble chicken kaarage at all haha! It was actually reminiscent of KFC's extra crispy chicken, sans the seasoning. The skin was really crispy, albeit a bit lacking in flavour. The interior was juicy though, and decently moist.

For some reason I completely forgot to try the miso soup (good job Selina!) haha
Overall, the lunch specials at Yakko are an awesome deal that fills you up without breaking the bank! Service was excellent, the girl serving me was really friendly and even came back to check on me! I'll definitely be back Yakko! :D

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  1. $8.50 ?!? Wow it was $6 before (really !). I know 'cuz I used to go there regularly with co-workers when my office was in the Metro Tower. Nice Korean folks.

    BTW, this Yakko is actually *not* related to the Yakko in Station Square. And this one (Kingsway) has been here for at least 5 years now, pre-dating the Station Square construction.

  2. Here's the proof, as documented by Uncle Ben :-)


  3. Wow that's quite the price jump! $6 is an even better deal! I actually ordered the beef teriyaki after seeing the picture of your order on Chowtimes haha! :D

    I always thought the two Yakkos were affiliated haha since they shared the same name and were located within such close proximity to one another. Thanks for correcting me! That's interesting, I didn't know this Yakko had existed predating the Station Square one! I wasn't very familiar with the restaurants in this area back then so I didn't know of the existence of this Yakko prior to food blogging haha! :)

  4. Yes, this used to be one of regular 'go-to's' for lunch since it was a great deal at $6 and was good value. However, I was disappointed on our last visit since not only have prices steadily gone up to $8, but the food didn't taste as good. The rice portion was almost non-existent and the chicken karage was tasteless.

  5. It's unfortunate that they increased their prices because $6 was a really great deal and probably the reason why people kept coming back haha
    I agree, the rice portion was so small! It wasn't enough for my beef teriyaki haha. And yes, while the chicken was juicy, it was really lacking in the flavour department!

  6. For a really scrumptious lunch box (or dinner box) deal, go to Sushiyama on E. Broadway. For around $9/$10 it's enough for two people.

    And if you like katsu, theirs are to die for. I started out with the pork (default for katsu) but eventually migrated to their chicken katsu. Both katsus are HUGE portions, beautifully fried with great crunchy skin and juicy tender meats inside. Both are served with a nice generous side mixed greens salad (the $$ kind in supermarkets), miso soup and bowl of rice for $8 (same price lunch or dinner).

  7. http://www.urbanspoon.com/rph/14/181748/vancouver-sushiyama-restaurant-photos

  8. The lunch box and katsu sounds awesome! I have to try it then ~ it's going on my never ending list of restaurants to try haha! Thanks for the rec!


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