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Yougo Chicken is a fairly new vendor in the Aberdeen Food Court. I was ecstatic when I first saw this stall because they specialize in Taiwanese Chicken fillets and you know how much I love my fried chicken (Taiwanese fried chicken that is haha.) If you've ever been to Taiwan, you might be familiar with the huge fried chicken fillets sold in night markets. The fillets are literally double the size of a regular pork chop. They're meant to be "snacks" but could easily suffice as a meal.

4.5/5 stars
Wow, I was really impressed by this. For a food court, this was very well executed. Surpasses Pearl Castle, that's for sure. What makes the chicken so delicious is the fact that they dust the chicken with Taiwanese 5 spice mix, which is the same spice mix they use for salt peppery chicken!
The fillet isn't as huge as the ones sold in Taiwanese night markets, but personally, I found these to be better! The night market versions tend to be on the drier side, but these were incredibly juicy and moist! The skin retained a sastisfying crunch, and was perfectly battered and crispy.
The chicken fillet combo also came in a cute Japanese style bento box, which included rice and 3 side dishes. The side dishes were surprisingly tasty! The side dishes included sweet marinated radish, sweet corn potatoes, and cabbage. For $7.80, this was a great deal.

You can tell that Yougo's owners are fully aware of the fact that they face some stiff competition in the Aberdeen food court and their food is definitely reflective of that.
I highly recommend you give them a try next time you're in the Aberdeen food court, instead of your usual Mambo Cafe fare haha. (Don't lie we all know you get their baked pork chop on rice.) ;D

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  1. Are you from Taiwan, Selina ?

    In Taiwan they pound them until they're almost the size of a dinner plate, and thin and crispy. IIRC they use a special type of melon/squash starch in the batter to make it crispier. It's like a competition between vendors/restaurants.

  2. I'm Taiwanese and I have a Taiwan passport, but I was born and raised in Canada. I spent the past 2 summers there and that's when I discovered the deliciousness that is Taiwanese chicken fillets haha :D

    Oh that's really interesting, I didn't know that! No wonder the chicken fillets are so big haha. I never knew that they use a squash starch for the batter either. Thanks for letting me know !

  3. Went back to TWN last year, first time back in ..... 37 years ! But my memories of Taipei were always vivid, and surprisingly some parts were relatively the same as the way I remembered. SO MUCH good eatin' ....... :-D

  4. wow that's a long time haha! Yes, my mom says the same thing! She remarks that Taipei hasn't changed that much over the years.

    Yesss, the food in Taiwan is AH-mazing! So cheap too! Basically foodie heaven :D


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