Amigo Restaurant HK Cafe - Alexandra Road Richmond

I knew from reading reviews online that this was an HK Cafe, but from the outside, you honestly wouldn't be able to tell. The name "Amigo" is enough to throw people off, coupled with the sun logo, it gets even more confusing. Walking in, I was pleasantly surprised how nicely this place was decorated. HK Cafes usually look rather dated and sparse, but it seems like Amigo had undergone a reno, because it was looking rather spiffy haha! For a HK cafe, the prices here are rather high. The cheapest dish here is $9.95 and go upwards to $25+.

"Lobster" Cream Soup
2/5 stars
As with most Hk cafes, your meal usually comes with free soup and a drink of your choice! At Amigo the choices were Chinese style Russian Borsht or "Lobster" soup. Even though I was pretty sure they wouldn't use real lobster, I ordered it anyway haha, out of curiosity! It was creamy, but had a rather strong artificial crab flavour.

I also got a hot HK milk tea. The waitress totally forgot about it and I had to ask for it haha. Amigo's was really good! It was stronger and more bitter in taste than other places, which I really liked!
Garlic Bread
4/5 stars
I really liked this! The bread was perfectly toasted, and the garlic was rather subtle, which I liked, because it didn't overpower the flavours of the soup.
Blackend Cajun Chicken Legs with Spiced Tomato Cream Sauce
4/5 stars
I read Chowtimes' review on this, and they were spot on, this was amazing! Everything about this dish was very well executed! The sauce was delicious; creamy, tangy, with a medley of flavours melting together. The chicken was equally as great, the exterior was very well seasoned, crispy. The chicken itself was super moist and juicy! You have the option to choose between rice or spaghetti, I went with rice because I had already eaten noodles for my past two meals haha

Overall, although the meal was a tad steep at $17 for a HK cafe, I left very satisfied and content! And happiness is priceless, right? haha!

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