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  I'm slowly wrapping up my mission of trying all the restaurants in the Metrotown area! You may be wondering, what happened to my Union Square mission? Don't worry, I'm still working on that haha ;) 

  I've been eyeing Asakusa for quite some time now, but never really got around to trying it, until today! Asakusa is located across from Metrotown, just a short walk down from Sushi Garden and Yakko Sushi. Asakusa is known for their portion sizes, which are similar in size to Samurai Sushi (known for their monstrous sushi pieces) on the West Side! Asakusa is Vietnamese run, while both Sushi Garden and Yakko are Korean run!
Beef Teriyaki Lunch Combo
3.5/5 stars (Dynamite Roll)
2/5 stars (Beef Teriyaki)

  I ordered the beef teriyaki lunch combo because I really wanted to compare it to Yakko Sushi's teriyaki lunch box, which is $1 more haha. 

  You have the option to choose between a dynamite roll or tempura as a side. I went with the dynamite roll, because I wanted to see if it was really as large as everyone was saying it was. It was quite big, but it wasn't I-can't-finish-this-big haha! 

  The beef teriyaki was rather mediocre, and not as good as Yakko's. It wasn't very tender or juicy, and was rather dry. This may be down to personal preference, but I found that there wasn't enough sauce. Since the beef was already really dry, more sauce would have been better to offset the dryness. 
  I have to say, I have to give them props for the presentation of the dynamite roll! I was expecting the roll to be sloppier (like Sushi Garden's haha) given the low price. However, it was meticulously wrapped, cut and garnished with sesame seeds and fish roe. The lettuce, avocado and cucumber were also really fresh! While the rice was neatly packed, it was rather lacking in taste. Authentic Japanese sushi rice is seasoned with a sweet rice vinegar, which gives it that distinct taste.  
Miso Soup
1/5 stars
  While the bowl was significantly larger than other places, the miso soup tasted incredibly watered down and rather soapy. At least it didn't taste like msg haha. You know its not authentic since they included a spoon with the soup, because the Japanese drink their soup directly from their bowl!

  If you're looking for authentic Japanese fare, this isn't your place, as Asakusa is Vietnamese run. But if you're looking for large portion sizes and relatively cheap eats, Asakusa fits the bill!

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  1. Yup, I was a regular there too, until Yakko came along 2008/2009. I kind of liked Asakusa's pork katsu, and that like you say their rolls are decent. I also like how they serve on a porcelain dinner plate rather than the expected plastic lacquer bento box.

    Since you're in Burnaby a lot, if you haven't already, go try Isami (Mackay, just north of Kingsway), and Kura's new successor (I forget new name of place, same people 'tho).

  2. Yes haha I definitely prefer Yakko! I agree, I like how they serve their dishes on a porcelain plate! Much better than plastic haha

    I've tried Isami twice, and I enjoyed the food on both visits! While the portion sizes were small, the dishes I tried were rather well executed! I might go back and try some more items! :)

    Kura was replaced by Tairyo Ichiba I believe! I've heard from some people that Tairyo was meh haha, but I want to try it out anyways to see for myself! :)

  3. I've never eaten at Tairyo Ichiba after they changed from Kura, so I think I should try them. Kura was good for lunches, and even better for dinners. Isami, and Tairyo (hopefully still) are the two rare Japanese restaurants in the area owned/operated by Japanese-Canadians.


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