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Hey, didn't I just do a review on Cafe Joie? Indeed I did, just a few weeks ago haha! This place has been receiving a lot of attention lately, every time I've gone it's been packed! Cafebjoie is located across from metrotown, making it the perfectbplace to relax after shopping haha! Can you blame them? The industrial decor and yummy drinks just sucks you in haha! It was my grandpa's birthday, and since he didn't want cake, I suggested that we make the short walk to Cafe Joie for some desserts & coffee!

Original Shaved Ice
4/5 stars
This is quality stuff! Unlike most shaved iced places, they aren't stingy with the condensed milk and red bean! The guy really took his time making the shaved ice haha! It took him a good 15 mins, but it was worth it! There was a mountainous pile of creamy, sweet red bean, with sliced strawberries surrounding it! The corn flakes were a nice touch, it added some much needed crunchy texture to the mushy contents of the shaved ice!
Cafe Americano
4/5 stars
My grandpa and mom both ordered an Americano coffee! They really enjoyed it, and commented that it was very strong, robust, creamy, and tasted freshly grounded! 
Green Tea Latte
3/5 stars
They also have this in the hot version, but since it was so hot that day, I got it iced! The matcha flavour is really potent, and isn't bitter at all!  Compared to Starbucks' green tea latte, Cafe Joie's was much sweeter, less bitter, and not as creamy.

This was my grandparents first time trying macarons! My grandma picked out all the flavours and we shared all the different flavours by cutting them up haha! :D Isn't the packaging awesome? I just love the little bow at the end...or is that a butterfly? haha ;)

I already reviewed their macarons in my last review here:

Okay guys, I've officially established Cafe Joie as my Metrotown stomping ground now haha!! :D Good thing I visit my grandparents every week so all too frequent visits are now in my foreseeable future heheh...more reviews to come as I try all their items! I've heard their coffee buns and cheesecake are delish so I'll definitely have to try those next time! :)

110-6125 Sussex Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 4G1


  1. Where is Cafe Joie ? Would it be possible to post restaurant info (address, tel, website) in the reviews ? :-)

  2. Cafe joie is across from Metrotown, near Yakko Sushi! Haha ill update it in the post, thanks for the recommendation! :) I'll link the urbanspoon widget in the blog post with the address info when I'm get home today because I don't have my laptop with me haha


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