Cherry Juice & Icy Bar Shaved Ice - Crystal Mall

Yay the weather's finally starting to warm up! You know what that means right? SHAVED ICE TIMEE! Cherry is one of my go to places for shaved ice because it's convenient given there's two locations, one in Crystal Mall, and one in Parker Place plus there's so many toppings to choose from!

I always get their 4 item combo on shaved ice! They also have a 3 item combo, even a 8 item one! You can choose between three sizes: medium, large, or a to-go cup! You can also get your shaved ice with ice cream, which is awesome! :D
They also have fresh fruit juices and bubble tea!

Here's a look at their different toppings! They even have some fresh fruit options! They also have rice balls, and grass jelly, even fresh taro! :D

4/5 stars
Here's one of my go to combos: rice balls, red bean, coconut milk, coconut jelly, mango jelly! Sometimes I'll swap out different items, grass jelly for example, or green bean! But these are my favourite go tos!

The best part is that they drizzle condensed milk on it, which makes it even more delish! This is the medium size! It's the perfect size for one haha! 

The rice balls are perfectly cooked, chewy with a glutinous texture. The red beans are sweet and add a nice texture to the shaved ice. The mango pudding is silky, and isn't too sweet! The coconut milk is pretty good as well, and tastes delicious mixed with the condensed milk!
Last time I got my shaved iced in a to go cup with grass jelly, coconut jelly, and coconut milk! I prefer using a bowl because I like to eat my shaved ice with a spoon instead of through a straw haha! 

Overall, Cherry is one of my summer staples that I just love to relish in on a hot day haha! Best thing is it's completely customizable, so there's something for everyone! 

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