Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

Boy am I late hopping on this bandwagon. I'm so late that the wagon has already left haha! For the past year Nero Belgian Waffle Bar has been THE hippest place in the downtown core for gourmet waffles! I don't go downtown very often haha, as you may have noticed, but since I was in the area that day and not too far from Robson, I decided to give it a go!

To my delight, the place was half empty when we went! Hey, maybe missing the bandwagon isn't that bad afterall!   Since the hype had already tided over, there was no lineup, and plenty of table real estate! :D

They also sell individual waffles in different flavours! Looking back, I think I'll just get the waffles next time, because I prefer to savour the waffles on its own!

(Click to Enlarge) Here's a look at their menu! No matter which flavour you get, you have the option to choose between a brussels or liege waffle as your base!

This place is super tiny! Kind of claustrophobic feeling. I don't do well in tiny spaces with other people haha. Did I tell you guys about the time I passed out on the skytrain during the Olympics or that other time I fainted in Vegas 3 mins before midnight?! Yep, I'm pretty lame.

La Brasiliene on a Brussels Waffle
3/5 stars
Topped with whipped cream, vanilla, hazelnuts and caramel sauce, the brasiliene is one of their bestsellers! You may be wondering, where did the hazelnuts go? Well, I'm actually allergic to hazelnuts, so I had to ask them to omit it haha. The girl was really nice and even warned me that their products may have come into contact with nuts, but I told her it was fine because as long as I don't actually consume it, I'm good haha!

The Brussels waffle is light and crispy, and twice the size of the Liege waffle! The whip cream is perfect, fluffy, without being too dense, albeit a bit lacking in flavour. The ice cream was made from real milk, because I didn't get an allergic reaction afterwards which meant there were no modified milk ingredients...yay!! It was super creamy, and lightly sweetened. This is down to personal preference, but I wish that there was more caramel sauce to cover the entire surface area of the waffle because I love my caramel haha!

The "Heaven" on a Liege Waffle
4/5 stars

Waffle wise, I actually prefer the Liege Waffle to the Brussels. The Liege waffle is soft & sweet and about the size of my palm. The waffle is super soft and fluffy! The Brussels waffle is crunchier and not as sweet. The strawberries were fresh and was a nice contrast to the softness of the waffle and whipped cream. The simple toppings really let the liege waffle's flavours shine through, and that's what I loved about it!

Overall, I really like Nero and I can definitely see myself frequenting Nero in the summer when I'm in the mood for some delicious waffle goodness! :)

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