Phomn Penh

I cannot believe how I, having lived in Greater Vancouver for 18 years of my life, have never tried Phomn Penh. Hard to fathom right? I know, I'm hanging my head in utter shame haha. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Phomn Penh (which I would believe are in the minority like me haha), Phomn Penh has frequently been hailed as "Vancouver's Best Restaurant!" They specialize in Vietnamese and Cambodian Cuisine. But don't be fooled, they're not a pho restaurant, rather, they're reknown in Vancouver for their signature chicken wings, butter beef, and beef luc luc!
Butter Beef
4/5 stars
If you're going to order anything at Phomn Penh, order this (and the obligatory chicken wings, and garlic squid haha!) The raw beef was super tender but a little hard to chew. The main attraction is definitely the sauce beneath the bed of fresh cilantro. It's an explosion of flavours in your mouth: tangy, herbal, sweet, salty all at once! I love it. I just love it haha. The cilantro adds that extra herbaly kick! I have no complaints with the excessive amount of cilantro, I could eat that stuff as my main haha. 
 Chicken Wings
4.5/5 stars
These are no ordinary wings! They're perfectly battered, fried to perfection, and dusted with a mesmerizing concoction of spices that tantalize your tastebuds! It comes with a tangy, lemon based sauce with black pepper, and compliments the flavours of the wings really well. 
Saying that these were the best wings I've had in my life would not be exaggeration haha! These things are laden with MSG, so yes, excessive thirst post-meal was an issue haha! I ended up drinking 5 glasses of water.
Beef Luc Luc (Full Size)
3/5 stars
The beef luc luc is another one of the dishes they're known for. Since we were in a group, we ordered a full size of the beef luc luc! You can also get this in a combo which comes with an egg! This thing was huge haha! The beef is thinly sliced, a little tough, and drenched in an amazing rich, sweet sauce!
 Garlic Squid
4.5/5 stars
This was probably my favourite! The garlic squid had the same seasoning as the chicken wings, with the addition of extra garlic!! Yea, I like that garlic breath hehe ;)
These were also much saltier than the chicken wings! The batter was perfect: crispy, fragrant, crunchy, and oh so satisfying. Definitely guilty pleasure worthy hahaa. I want some nowww.

Phomn Penh definitely lives up to all the HYPE and I left very sastisfied hehe. It's just as good as everybody says it is. BELIEVE THE HYPE PEOPLE, BELIEVE IT!

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