Richmond Night Market - Part 2 The ULTIMATE Review + 12 more food items + Me in a Unicorn Onesie?!

This time I went on a Saturday, and the entrance line up was crazy! Thankfully I went at 5:45 so I was at the front of the line haha! Oh, the things I do for my blog haha!

Right now you're reading Part 2 of my Ultimate Night Market Review!

This stall was selling Taiwanese street snacks! They had stinky tofu, but I didn't try it because Canadian stinky tofu can't compare to the real thing haha! I ate so much stinky tofu when I was in Taiwan hehe. Am I just weird or am I the only one who doesn't even find stinky tofu to be smelly? 
3 Spice Tofu
4/5 stars
My mom and grandma really liked this. The exterior of tofu had been fried, but was incredibly silky and soft on the inside. The sauce it was soaking in had a notable spice element to it, but was rather salty. It was garnished with some marinated cabbage, the same stuff they include on the side with stinky tofu.
Chef James Skewers
3.5/5 stars
For a food stall, these were really good! Better than the BBQ King stall! All the skewers had ample amounts of spicy seasoning that had penetrated into the meat. The shrimp was also a lot juicier than BBQ King's. I also found the beef skewer to be less tough. Is it worth lining up for? Hm, that's debatable. In the skewer department, yes. But with the plethora of other options at the nightmarket, there are other more unique things to check out!

Cheese Lover
2/5 stars
Like last time, my mom randomly chose a stall based on the fact that there was no lineup. There's a reason there's no lineup mom...haha. These were basically pretzel balls garnished with parmesan cheese. The interior was filled with a mushy paste as well, which didn't taste like cheese, so I'm not sure what it was. The pretzels were good, but didn't taste particularly special.

1.5/5 stars
There were ample amounts of bonito flakes covering the takoyaki. However, the takoyaki itself was rather mediore. The filling itself tasted very weak, and relied heavily on the mayo as seasoning. Overall, I still prefer the single, small takoyaki balls. However, if you're keen on novel things like this haha, you might like it!

Fried Calamari
3.5/5 stars
I really liked the batter one these! They were very lightly battered, as to not distract from the texture of the squid rings. However flavour wise, I wish they would have seasoned it with something different instead of the generic sweet chilli sauce. 

Onion Curry Fusion Wrap
2/5 stars
This was interesting, it really did taste like a "fusion" wrap. I can't pinpoint the taste exactly, it didn't taste like curry, or onion for that matter. It tasted like a mismash of flavours. It's nice to try once, but not something that I would order again. The green onion pancake wrap was flakey, and not too oily, but was lacking in the flavour department.

4/5 stars
We got quite a few stares, and a lot of people were asking which stall we bought this at, because this thing was huge! The picture doesn't do it justice. At $15, it was quite the deal! Between the 3 of us we couldn't finish it and had to pack up half. 
The skin was super crispy and fragrant, albeit rather salty. It was really well seasoned with heavy spices. The meat was tender, and wasn't fishy tasting at all! It also came with a side of hollandaise dipping sauce, which was rather tangy.
You have the option to choose 2 flavours for your roll! Their most popular combination is the custard filling + a fruit jam. I went with the blueberry jam, because it looked the least artificial looking (colour wise) haha.
The rolls are pre made, so they're not warm when you receive them, which I didn't really mind. As long as they're not soggy, I'm good haha!
Slavic Roll w/ Blueberry Jam + Custard
3/5 stars
This basically tasted like a sugar donut with blueberry and custard filling. The exterior shell is soft, but has a crunch to it. The custard filling was super light and creamy, and was rather sweet. The blueberry jam was tasty as well, with real fruit puree. It wasn't mind blowing, but it was exactly how I expected it to be, and nothing more. 

Condensed Milk Flavour
1.5/5 stars
While this was really cool looking, the taste fell short. I did like the texture though, as it was crunchy and soft. This tasted overwhelmingly like fried oil. The oil taste was so overwhelming that I couldn't even taste the condensed milk, which was disappointing. 
Here's a sample of their Strawberry flavour!
Chendol Icy
2/5 stars
My mom really wanted to try their Chendol Icy!  It could have used a bit more coconut milk, because it tasted a bit too watered down.  The chendol was good though, with a soft, chewy texture that I really enjoyed. There was also red bean, tapioca pearls, and grass jelly in it too!

Mango Panna Cota
4/5 stars
I really wanted to try this because 1) I love anything mango and 2) Corn flakes?! Okay, the corn flakes didn't taste like anything special, but the texture was a great contrast to the soft, mushy texture of the pudding. It totally worked. The mango flavour was really potent and the pudding melted in the mouth. They also drizzled some caramel sauce on it (Smuckers haha) which added a nice sweetness to the dessert. It was also topped with some decorated wafers. Actually, for a food stall, this was pretty tasty! I might come back to try their other flavours! :)
I like their slogan: "It's your fault if you don't try it the first time. It's my fault if you don't come back the 2nd time." haha
Custard Flavour
2/5 stars

The custard filling was actually more of a paste, chalky like texture, unlike the smooth, whipped consistency of the slavic roll. I probably should have gotten the red bean flavour, because the custard flavour tasted exactly like egg waffles! Actually, if I wasn't allergic to hazelnuts, I would have gotten the nutella flavour haha. The exterior shell was soft, while still retaining a crunch.The fish shape was cute though!

And here are some MORE vendors that I missed from Part 1 of my review! Hope this helps! :D 

The infamous Rotato! The line up was way too long haha, but I've tried it before at other events! Tasty, but more of a novelty!

Ohh, this stall was giving out free samples! The salmon jerky was really yummy :D or maybe it just tasted good because it was free? haha

This is from the Belgian Coco Fountain stall!
You can buy their coupon book and some nightmarket "souvenirs" here haha.
Too bad I'm too old for this. I really want to try it! :D

So cute haha! 

Yes, that's me in a unicorn onesie harharhar. Best purchase everrr. It was the last one they had! I wore this around the entire night and on the Canada Line hehe. Don't judge ;D

Thanks so much for reading! These nightmarket reviews have been such a success, I'm considering doing a Part 3 hehehe. Should I? Leave a comment below! If a few of you guys want to see a Part 3, I'll gladly do one! :D

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  1. Part 3 and 4 please plus the other night market near Home Depot. Thanks. Love your sense of humor. I'm an avid follower.

  2. Thank you so much for the support, it made my day! :D

    As long as people enjoy my reviews and find them informative, I'll keep doing them! My stomach has no complaints and neither do my tastebuds hehe ;)

    I had so much fun, I think I'm going to go ahead and do a Part 3! What other vendors do you want to see? :)

    You read my mind haha! I was planning on doing a review on the International Night Market! Keep your eyes peeled for that in the near future! :D

  3. Love your onesie!!! Now I want one... :P

  4. Haha thankyou!! You should definitely get one, soo comfy! I'm actually wearing it right now hehehe :D

  5. Loved the blog :)

  6. Found your blog while searching for good food in Vancouver (will be visiting for a week soon!) and it is amazing! Perfect for us, thank you so much! I am trying to review all of the posts slowly but surely...but have to pick your brain for a second if you don't mind! Love Dim Sum & Taiwanese street type food - off the top of your head, what are the best restaurant(s) you would recommend for these?

  7. Hi Virginia! Aw Thankyou so much for the sweet comment, I really appreciate it! Glad you're finding my blog useful! :)

    For Taiwanese dining I would recommend Dinesty & Kalvins Szechuan Restuarant (actually taiwanese despite the name haha)
    For more casual Taiwanese munchies/bubble tea Pearl Castle is a great place to chill with friends!

    For dim sum/chinese: Jade Seafood Restuarant, Sun Sui Wah, And Shanghai River are some of my favs!

    I hope you enjoy your stay in Vancouver! Have fun and stay safe! ;)

  8. Thank you for taking the time to do the recommendations! You are amazing. Off to packing for the trip now. :)


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