Seto Sushi - Alexandra Road Richmond

  Seto Sushi is tucked away in a small plaza on Alexandra Road and is really easy to miss. This place is deceivingly small on the outside, masquerading as an unassuming little shop. Upon entering, you quickly realize how big this place is. They even have room for a spacious greeting area, which is nicely decorated with some Japanese decor! This place is the real deal, with real japanese chefs, and waitresses!

Saba Shio Teishoku (Grilled Mackerel) Lunch Box
4/5 stars

  Seto's lunch boxes are priced substantially higher than the average lunch special at a Japanese restaurant, but for good reason! You get what you pay for! At Seto, it's definitely quality over quantity. For a lunch box, it was very well presented.

  The mackerel was nicely grilled, which resulted in the skin having a charred, smokey flavoured, which I really enjoyed. The meat had been marinated with a Shio flavour, which made the Saba very fragrant.  The meat was very tender, and wasn't fishy at all! Adding the lemon added another layer of dimension. The sashimi tasted really fresh as well! The salad had been dressed with a tangy miso sauce, which wasn't as garlicky as other ones I've had. The sumonomo was a refreshing addition to the meal and was more on the sweeter side.

 Green Tea Soft Serve @ Mazazu Crepe 

  After lunch I suddenly developed a craving for ice cream so I went to Aberdeen and got myself some green tea soft serve at Mazazu Crepe in the food court haha! The green tea flavour was really potent and the ice cream was really creamy! The cone was really crunchy and didn't get soggy from the melting ice cream. Unfortunately, after consuming it I had an allergic reaction, which meant that it had modified milk ingredients in it, which I'm allergic to :(

Overall, Seto is a great place to go for some authentic, well prepared Japanese fare! Ordering a la carte is rather expensive, so if you're just looking for a quick bite to eat definitely check out their lunch boxes!

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