Sinfully the Best - Steveston, Richmond

 If the name isn't enough to entice you, how about free, FULL SIZED chocholate samples?!! Wait...what do you mean we get to sample full sized chocolate samples and caramels? Is there a catch? Oh yes my friend, because after you take a bite of that "free" sample, rest assured you will buy a full box haha. It was delicious and it totally worked into enticing me into buying a box of 6 hehe. I have no regrets.

On top of that, the service here is ah-mazing. Top tier, they put high end restaurants to shame! The people here are genuinely friendly, and are super nice about recommending chocolates for you to try! They also have a variety of wine/chocolate pairings, and gift items!

So many gorgeous chocolates! *insert heart emoji here*
How can you say no to free caramels?! :D
Andddd FREE chocolate mousse cups? Could this place get any better??
The mousse on both were amazingly creamy, fluffy and decadent! The chocolate cups are dark and white chocolate blended together, and the crunchy texture was a great contrast to the mousse! The lemon (right) was really tart and the perfect sweetness! The caramel (left) was really good as well, with a dollop of caramel on top!
 I read on Yelp that they also do wine/chocolate pairings events, which sounds like so much fun!

Assorted chocolates
4.5/5 stars

Don't you just love the marbled effect on the bottom two chocolates? The nice girl working there (which I presume to be the owner) recommend their most popular chocolates for me to try out! Unfortunately I can't recall the names, but I do remember having picked out earl grey, raspberry, and salted caramel haha! All of which were amazing! Regular chocolate just can't compare to Artisan chocolate. There is no comparison. The presentation, flavours, texture, smells, were all superb! :D

After paying for my chocolates, the nice guy working there opened the door for me on the way out. That was the icing on the cake. Keep it up STB! :D

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