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If you're tired of the ol' Crystal Mall food court and you're in the mood for a real sit down meal, Victory Seafood Restaurant is just a few doors down from the food court! I've been here on many occasions with the fam for some cheap dim sum (pre blogging haha)! I'll do another review on their dim sum next time I go! You can get 20% off your dim sum if you go before 11 pm, on top of their already low prices! This is where I go when I don't feel like forking over money for some casual dim sum haha. They do have a bad rep for serving lower quality dim sum, but for the money, everything is more than expectable!

Since it was already past 11 pm my dad decided to order entrees instead. Surprisingly, I like their entrees a lot more than their dim sum haha! Service was friendly, the food came relatively quickly, and for the price, everything was rather tasty!
Sesame Chicken w/Jellyfish
3/5 stars
To start off, we got a cold appy! The chicken is handpulled into slivers and seasoned guessed it, sesame oil haha! There was an abundant amount of jellyfish, which we were really happy about. The jellyfish was chewy, and tastes how you'd expect: gelatin like in texture! There are much better interpretations of this dish, but this wasn't bad at all!
HK Style Bombay Duck Fish
4/5 stars
At first glance, the name definitely throws people off. But then you come to the realization that "duck fish" is not too separate words but a type of fish haha! 
This dish exceeded my expectations! The batter on the fish was so airy, crunchy, and enveloped the fish without feeling too heavy! The seasoning was a blend of shrimp, peppers, green onions, and other spices, mixed together, it tasted great!
Beef Fried Noodle
3/5 stars
The most important element of beef fried noodle is having "wok hay."The wok hay was definitely present, but there are definitely better ones haha! The rice noodles were chewy, and had been properly cooked. The beef was reasonably tender and really well seasoned!
Stir Fried Pork
3.5/5 stars
This was actually really tasty! The best part is the sweet and savoury sauce, which (I'm guessing) is a bend of hoisin, oyster, soy sauce, vinegar! There were large pieces of pork, which were all pretty tender. The cucumbers were a nice contrasting element that added a refreshing crunch to the dish! There were only two pieces of mu er, which had been cooked properly, as it wasn't too soft nor too firm.
Taro Root Fried Rice.
2.5/5 stars
Of course, we got some fried rice as our main carb-y dish of the meal! This was definitely the low point of our meal haha! It was really underwelming. The rice bits weren't fluffy enough, and the only prominent flavour was the dices of sausage.There were bits of taro root in the rice, which added a nice texture to the rice, but nothing taste wise because it was overwelmed by the other flavours.

Chilled Durian Cake
4/5 stars
It looks like mochi doesn't it? haha! It's actually durian paste, enveloped in a pillowly, soft shell! I was amazed at how thin the shell was! The cake was so soft, it literally melted in my mouth! It wasn't too sweet, and the perfect way to end a meal! The pungent, foul odour of the durian was indeed present, but not to the point where it was headache inducing :D
See how thin the shell is? :D

Overall, Victory is a great alternative for when you don't feel like eating in the food court or when you're craving some dim sum after produce shopping ;)

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