Yunnan Crossbridge Noodle - Crystal Mall

  Yunnan Crossbridge Noodle is one of the best cheap eats in the Crystal Mall food court! Whenever I go to Crystal Mall, I kid you not, almost EVERY single table is eating one of their noodle bowls! Even in the summer when it's 30 degrees outside haha! And you know I'm very susceptible to hype, especially when it comes to FOOD.The noodles are cooked made to order in the bowl it comes in, which is much more appealing than eating from a plastic bowl haha ;D I can't help but get paranoid about eating boiling hot noodle soup from a plastic container that could possibly contain BPA ;O
4/5 stars
   I get what all the hype is about. It's tasty, filling, and steamingly hot! The broth is awesome! They use a chicken broth, which is super fragrant, with lots of depth. I didn't feel excessively thirsty afterwards, so MSG content was definitely at a minimum, which is a huge plus! You also get to choose your spiciness level! They basically just dump some chilli oil in it to make it spicy haha. I went with medium, and it wasn't spicy at all, so if you really like spicy foods, definitely go with hot! The noodle soup also had some wood ear mushrooms in it, bean curd, and some other vegetables.  The meat paste was super flavourful, and had been cooked properly, and wasn't too mushy.
True to their name, they use rice noodles, which are cooked perfectly al dente with bite! There was so much meat paste that it was neverending! :D
Fish Ball Noodle Soup

4/5 stars
   My mom's selection the other day was the same noodle soup, except in the fish ball variation! All their noodle soups have the same soup base, the only difference is the ingredients they use! The fish balls are cut up to deceive you into thinking there are more fish balls than there actually are haha. My mom seemed to enjoy it, because she finished the entire thing!

Oh, and one last thing! I'm made my rounds around the Crystal Mall food court, and having tried most of the "well known" foods (lamb burgers, Xu's, Delicious BBQ, etc) I'm running out of things to try! I've been really wanting to try Kingspark Good Food because it seems like their customer flow is consistent, but I'm always stuck on what to order! Msg  me at any of my social networking accounts or email me with any recommendations you have! :D

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