Boiling Point Hotpot - Near Metrotown

Boiling Point is a Taiwanese hot pot joint from California with two locations in BC: one in Richmond, and this one, near Metrotown! Hotpot is near and dear to my heart haha, because it brings me back to Taiwannn, the motherland!! 100 yuen ( $3 Canadian) hotpots were totally my thing haha! When you walk in you're greeted with "Huang Yi Guan Ling!" and that dreaded stinky tofu smell hits you in the face...hard! For an overseas joint, Boiling Point is pretty authentic!
Every hotpot combo comes with rice and iced tea! We got a green and black tea! 
Miso Hotpot (Large) No Spicy
4/5 stars
After perusing the menu options I settled on the Miso Hotpot! I was going to get their Stinky Tofu Hotpot, but turns out the Tofu, Beef, and Lamb hotpots all have peanut oil in it! Just a heads up for all you peanut sensitive people! Most of their hotpots are regular size, except for the miso, Taiwanese spicy, and Thai flavours, which are all large! This was about 25% larger than the regular size.

The soup base was rather impressive, the miso flavour was very potent, with lots of depth, without being overly salty. The hotpot had beef slices, cabbage, enoki, an egg, tofu, mushroom, tofu skin, fish fillets, fish balls, udon, and crab in it! It was a lot of food but I managed to finish it all haha!

The longer you let the ingredients soak in the broth, the more flavours it picks up! There was a substantial amount of beef slices which were reasonably tender. I really enjoyed the tofu skin, fish fillet, fish balls and crab because it had soaked up all the flavours of the broth beautifully! The udon was al dente and quite chewy.
Kimchi Hotpot (Regular) Medium Spicy
3/5 stars
My grandma ordered the kimchi hotpot! It came with nappa, vermicelli, tofu, an egg, kimchi, kamaboko, meatballs, tempura, fish balls, tofu skin, and imitation crab! My grandma thought it wasn't spicy at all haha, so if you're really into spicy foods, you should definitely go for hot! The broth was clear and rather light, with just a hint of spiciness. She was happy with the amount of ingredients and she managed to finish most of it!

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