Dim Sum @ Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant!

 That day I went to Happy Valley, it had been a week since I had chinese food. Shocking considering I eat asian food 80% of the time! I was having serious withdrawal symptoms haha!

  So when my grandparents invited me to dim sum, I happily obliged! My grandparents go to Happy Valley regularly for dim sum because the portion sizes are huge and the prices are relatively cheap! This was my first time going to Happy Valley but from what they told me this place is quite popular with the locals and usually has a lineup!
Steamed Mo Qua w/ Dried Scallop
4/5 stars
I love mo qua so I had to order it! Mo Qua is basically chinese melon, which is used a lot in Chinese cooking! This particular dish had shrimp paste on top, similar in texture to har gow. It was also sprinkled with some decorative fish roe! Wait...where were my scallops? I looked high and low and couldn't find any scallops haha. Maybe it was chopped up in the shrimp paste? The entire dish was very light in flavour. The shrimp paste had a good bounce and was subtly salty.
Fried Rice w/ Salty Fish & Chicken
2/5 stars
For our carb-y dish of the meal, we opted for some salty fish fried rice! I found there to be not enough pieces of salted fish, which rendered the rice a bit bland. I also found there to be not enough "wok hey." There was a substantial amount of chicken, which were chewy, albeit rather bland. The obligatory egg and green onion added some aroma and contrasting texture to the dish.
Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce
4/5 stars
The sauce in this was awesome and I ended up drinking it hehe. The black bean element was super potent, with an underlying wine flavour. The spareribs were really moist, flavourful and wasn't dry at all! 
Deep Fried Halibut w/ Soya Sauce
4/5 stars
Deep Fried Halibut is a staple for me at dim sum restaurants haha! This dish was executed really well here! The batter was nice and crunchy, and had been properly fried. The soy sauce was the perfect blend of sweet and savoury flavours, without being overwhelmingly salty. My grandparents remarked that last time they ordered this the portion size was much larger, so there's definitely a consistency issue here.
Beef Brisket w/ Rice Rolls
2/5 stars
As another filler, my grandma ordered the beef brisket! While the portion size was large, the beef brisket was rather tough and hard to chew. A big no in my books when it comes to beef brisket! If you've read some of my previous posts, you may know that tough beef brisket is an irrational fear of mine haha! The flavour was mild, only exhibiting a weak soy sauce flavour. The rice rolls were alright, they were chewy, but would have been better if they were a bit softer in texture.
Yangzhou Style Dumplings
1/5 stars
My grandma said she totally regretted ordering these haha! The lesson here is: never order XLB at a place that doesn't specialize in XLB! These took a while to come out, and when they did, we were disappointed! The dough was too thick and doughy, there wasn't enough soup in the buns, and it tasted well...mediocre at best.

Overall, Happy Valley is definitely a solid dim sum place that offers up yummy eats and value for the money! If you have a large group I suggest booking a reservation, because there were quite a few parties waiting in line when we went! :D

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