Donburiya - Robson St.

I have a habit of riding the bus to random places and getting off when I see something interesting haha. Yes, I'm a weird human being, and I'm okay with that hehe. Don't worry, I always manage to get back home safely (as long as I make it to a skytrain station haha!!) That day I got off on Robson, and spotted Donburiya! As the name implies, Donburiya specializes in donburi dishes, hence the title "don!" If you're familiar with Ebi-Ten beside the Vancouver Public Library, Donburiya is their sister restaurant! They serve a lot of the same dishes, but Ebi- Ten has sushi! 
(Click to Enlarge) You can get any of their dishes in a S, M, L, or XL. Medium will probably suffice for a hungry person haha, trust me! :D
They even have a little condiment station where they have free pickles, sauces and water!! :D
Medium Buta Mayo-Don
3/5 stars
I was shocked when this arrived haha! If medium is this big, I wonder how huge XL is haha!! The bowl was really deep and they packed a ton of rice into this thing! Literally 2 mins after paying I got my order, which makes me suspect that everything is pre made haha. There was an ample amount of pork, with generous amounts of japanese mayo drizzled on top. The pork was reasonably tender, albeit bit lacking in flavour, and relied heavily on the mayo for interest. The bean sprouts and fresh green onions added some tartness and texture. The rice is short grain rice, and is a bit sweet from the sauces draining down to the bottom.
Chicken Kaarage
3/5 stars
This was fresh out of the fryer, which rendered the skin charred and crispy! The exterior was lightly battered, and had a super satisfying crunch hehe! The meat was really lean, but was still reasonably tender. There was also some mayo on the bottom for some extra flavour! You can also add more to your liking at the condiment station!

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