Gelarmony Gelato - Robson St.

After a few miserable days of gloomy, depressing weather, the sun's finally come out! You know what that means right? Gelatooooo time! :D While I was shopping along Robson, I pulled out my handy dandy yelp app, and up popped Gelarmony Gelato! Yelpers have very high expectations (I am one myself so I should know haha) so given that it had a 4.5 star rating, it looked very promising! :D
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Biscotti (Bottom) & Straticiatella (Top)
Biscotti: 4/5 stars
Straticiatella: 3.5/5 stars
The regular size with 2 scoops is $5.85.
4 scoops is $7.85.
6 scoops is $9.85.

The biscotti was amazing! It had a deep roasted buttery flavour, with a caramel finish and hints of dark chocolate! The ice cream itself is super creamy and milky, but I still prefer the texture of Bella Galleteria! 

Straticiatella sounds fancy doesn't it? haha! In Italian, when referring to gelato, it translates to pure vanilla icecream with chocolate chips! The vanilla flavour wasn't artificial at all, and wasn't cloyingly sweet. The chocolate chips on the other hand were majorly sweet haha but added a nice texture to the soft gelato.

(Click to Enlarge) Before choosing a flavour, you have to go up to the counter to pay first, and hand them the receipt to get your gelato! :D
Here's some of their fruitier flavours! :D
They also had this neat little water dispenser in the back, with cucumber water haha! It was actually pretty refreshing on a hot day that this haha!

I hope you're having a great summer everybody!! We've headed for a major heat wave this week hehe! Don't forget to stay hydrated and protected! :D

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