Guanaco Food Truck

Guanaco is a food truck specializing in Salvadoran cuisine! I don't know about you guys haha, but this was my first time trying food from Salvadore haha! We went on the day of the Khatsalano Street Party, so the lineup was huge! Looks like their system couldn't keep up with the orders and their computer crashed haha, so we had to wait a good 5 mins before it got it back into working order!
If you check in on Yelp you get $1 off their pupasa platters! Score!
Here's a look at their menu! Their most popular dishes are their pupusa platters and their pasteles! I also wanted to get a Horchata but they were sold out for the day!
Pork Pupasa Platter
3.5/5 stars
The platter came with a pork pupasa, with some deep fried cassava root, salsa, and some salad on the side. The pupasa was filled with pork, cheese, lorroco, and savoury ground black beans! The pancake itself was very thin with a bit of charring. The filling was awesome: it resembled a sort of mashed paste that was gooey, soft and delicious! The salsa was really tangy and had a subtle spice to it. The salad was dressed with a vinaigrette with some tomatoes, onions, and black peppers.
Here's a closeup of the meat filling! I apologize for the harsh sunlight photo, I was standing and didn't really have time to take a proper photo haha! :)

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