Guu Garden

Guu Garden is part of the Guu restuarant chain, which heads Guu with Garlic, Guu Original, Guu with Otokomae, Guu Kobachi, Guu Aberdeen, and this location, Guu Garden! Each Guu puts emphasis on a different theme, so each restaurant experience is unique! That day I decided to head over to the appropriately named Guu Garden, which is located on the 3rd level of a plaza! I love the patio deck hehe, it would be a great place to eat lunch on a hot day! :D
My view while munching on my delicious lunch! :D
Kobe Beef Rice Burger Lunch Set
4/5 stars
Guu Garden has a ton of affordable lunch boxes for when you don't want to order tapas dishes! For $10 before taxes, this was a great deal! The kobe beef burger set is one of their most popular sets because it's exclusive to Guu Garden and isn't available at any of the other Guus! The set comes with a kobe beef burger, avocado wasabi salad, tempura peas, cucumbers, miso soup, and some grapes! :D

The rice burger patty was rather hard in texture in order for it to hold its shape. The burger patty had been cooked well, rendering the meat super moist and juicy! The burger was drenched in a barbie pink slime *shudders*, which was tangy, sweet, with notes of teriyaki! It was also garnished with some lettuce and even some some single pieces of fatty pork in it! :D
I could have did without the pink slime haha, I would prefer not to have Red #2 in my system haha!
The only other time I had a rice burger was at Mos Burger, a Japanese burger joint, in Taiwan haha! 

And guess what?! I dug into my archives and unsurfaced this grainy point and shoot photo of the rice burger from Mos Burger haha! I for the life of me can't recall what it tasted like haha, but that sure is a whole lot of teriyaki!
Avocado & Wasabi salad!
4.5/5 stars
This was ah-mazing! I was expecting the wasabi to be really spicy, but it wasn't at all! The texture of the avocado meshed beautifully with the wasabi. The wasabi element wasn't overpowering as to overshadow the delicate flavours of the avocado! The salad tasted fresh and was drizzled with a delectable tangy sauce that paired very well with the wasabi!
Bean Tempura
3/5 stars
Even if you hate beans, you'll probably like this haha! The exterior shell was fried perfectly and wasn't oily at all! It was sprinkled with some simple salt and pepper, which let the flavours of the bean really shine through! The crunchiness of the bean paired with the crispness of the fried tempura was a great combination!
The lunch sets also come with complimentary miso soup. This one had lots of seaweed it in and wasn't overly salty! :)
Some Japanese pickled radish! I usually never eat these because I find them too salty haha, am I the only one? ;)

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