La Chocolaterie - Inside Izumiya Japanese Market

  Who would suspect that one of the best chocolates shops in Richmond would be located in a supermarket? La Chocolaterie is a Japanese chocolate store located in a Izuimiya, a Japanese supermarket, near Landsdowne! The chocolates here are absolutely amazing,  it's not even like eating chocolate, the experience is like none other! It's not exactly cheap, but the craftmanship is  extraordinary and worth every penny. The chocolates are melt in your mouth soft, creamy, sweet little things!

  And the best part? The service! The lady was so polite! Have you ever had a person fold the creases of your plastic bag before handing it to you?! I was shocked too haha!  She thanked me twice, meticulously pressed the edges of the bag and carefully put the chocolates inside. Wow, talk about amazing service. 

  On an unrelated note, I went to Cartem Donutaire yesterday and tried the earl grey and bacon donut! Unfortunately, I couldn't taste a thing because I had whitened my teeth before I went to bed and I found out (too late) that it temporarily numbs your tastebuds.

  Strangely enough I had whitened my teeth all through high school but had never lost my sense of taste. But back then I was still using chemical laden toothpaste, and now I used organic toothpaste, so I'm suspecting it's due to the fact that my mouth is more hypersensitive to chemicals now.

  As you can imagine, it was a foodie's worst nightmare haha! You're surrounding by dozens upon dozens of glorious donuts yet you can't taste it?! It was absolute tortureee haha! How was I suppose to blog about it?! As soon as I regain my tastebuds I've going to revisit and buy myself a dozen HAHA. And I ended up eating literally nothing yesterday, except for an orange. You don't realize how dependent you are on your tastebuds until you lose them! Needless to say, I don't think I'll ever be whitening my teeth again. Going a day without food is just inhumane torture haha! On the up side, I think I lost weight haha!

I let's get back to the food shall we? :)
 They have a ton of different flavours! A great way to try their flavours is to buy a sampler pack! They even have gift packs, which you can ask them to wrap! :D

Japanese Selection Sampler Pack
Top Left to Right: Red Bean, black sesame, green tea dark, Japanese citron, green tea, Japanese sake.
The chocolates are all very soft, almost chalky like in texture!

Red Bean:
Packed a punch in the sweetness department! The natural flavour of the red bean really shined through, with an extra layer of added sweetness!

Black Sesame:
The sesame flavour is really strong, and not too sweet!

Green tea:
The initial flavour is a bitter strong matcha, which than fades into a pleasant sweetness, with hints of milkiness at the end!

Japanese citron:
This had real lemon zest in it! Super tangy, with the lemon flavour being very potent.

Dark Green Tea:
The initial flavour is of dark chocolate, which then fades into the bitterness of matcha, and finishes off with a subtle sweetness on the tongue!

Japanese Sake:
Wow, this was sake alright! The sake element was very potent, with a bitter undertone from the dark chocolate!

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