La Taqueria

Something about summer just screams "Taco time!" No, not the pseudo Mexican stall in the food court. I'm talking about La Taqueria, often hailed as Vancouver's best taco restaurant! I've probably passed by La Taqueria over 2 dozens times already on my way to Whole Foods, but had never tried it, so that day  I decided to finally pop in to see what all the hype was about! It was lunch hour, so the crowds were already pouring in to feast on some delicious tacos!
(Click to Enlarge) Wow, everything about this place is so on point. Even the menu board haha! Have you seen their washrooms? Love the wallpaper in there! hehe :)
They have various condiments for you to add to your liking! All of them are spicy though haha, so watch out! The guy working there said he wanted to wipe down the condiments before I took a picture haha. 
Andd...aren't the piggy containers just adorable? Whoops, I'm letting my inner teenage girl out. Wait...I am a teenage girl ;)

I love how they have bottle caps screwed into the tables and bookcases! 

4 Tacos for $10
Pollo Con Mole
Free Range Chicken w/ chocolate mole sauce.
4/5 stars
The Mole was definitely my favourite one, because it had chocolate and sesame seeds in it! I mean, chocolate just makes everything better ;)
It was more of a paste like consistency, and the chicken kind of resembled pulled pork (texture wise.) Since it had chocolate it in, it was a delicious combination of sweet and savoury flavours. The sesame added a nice roasted flavour to the taco. The tortillas were very elastic and chewy, they give you two pieces for each taco so it can hold the weight of the meat. 
De Lengua
Beef Tongue
3/5 stars
The tongue is one of my favourite cuts and I'm not afraid to admit it haha!! The beef was super tender and moist, so moist in fact that it makes the taco soggy if you don't eat it quickly haha!Their guacamole is house made, and its great. It's sour and garlicky, with the addition of cheese. It's more on the watery side, which makes it a bit messy to eat, but I like how it isn't too thick. 
Tinga de Pollo
Chicken w/ chorizo in a chipotle tomato sauce, topped w/ mexican cheese and sour cream
3.5/5 stars
Hey, guess what?! I ended up getting this one for free because I found a piece of shredded paper in my taco! The guy was really nice about it though and quickly apologized! He even gave me a full refund and offered me a taco of choice ;D Now that's what I call costumer service! This was the spiciest taco out of the five that I tried, and also the oiliest! The sauce was full of flavour, and the sour cream added an extra kick to the taco!
Pork Confit w/ pickled red onion
3/5 stars
The pork confit was was an amazing blend of smokey flavours, and was the driest out of the bunch. The meat was "looser" in comparison to the others and didn't stick together. It was also garnished with some cilantro, and pickled red onion, which added another layer of dimension to the taco!
Al Pastor
Pork marinated in achiote chilli + pineapple.
3.5/5 stars
This one was the second spiciest out of the bunch, the chilli really gave it that extra kick of spiciness that I love! The juicy pineapple chunks paired with cilantro was the perfect way to balance out the spices and added a nice refreshing element to the taco.
$3 or free on Tuesday if you say "Horchata Tuesday!" :D
4.5/5 stars
I especially loveee how they didn't put ice in this! Am I the only person who doesn't like having ice in my drinks? Yes, I'm weird. I find that it dilutes the taste and I hate that haha. This was a great version of horchata, super authentic! The cinnamon and vanilla was very potent, and the drink was really sweet. 
I also went to Whole Foods, and picked up some banana dark chocolate along with some groceries,wait...say what?! Yes banana chocolate, I repeat Banananana Chocolate! Sadly it didn't taste like banana at all...I want my $5 back!! *sadface*

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